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Paint'd Nail Salon

Paint’d Helps People in New Orleans Paint the Town Red


New Orleans is a city built on the idea of having a good time, which is why it is home to so many businesses that are specifically aimed at making both residents and visitors have fun and feel better about themselves, like Dirty Coast. Another business that really excels at this is Paint’d. This nail salon is located down the popular Magazine Street and is both owned and operated by Aimee Sedky.

Bringing Beauty to Her Hometown

Although Sedky spent a large portion of her life living in other cities throughout the country and even other countries as well, she was born in New Orleans and bleeds green, gold, and purple. After several years of living and working in New York City, Sedky was preparing to move back to her beloved hometown and had been recently noticing something interesting happening in New York.

As she explains, “I started noticing that these little Nail Studios were popping up, one in particular caught my eye called Paintbox down in SoHo. I really liked it. Their whole M.O., it was manicures only and they really were all about the nail art and putting together these collections of nail designs each season. Like fashion, and given that that was my background and something I had been doing for a few years, it's something that really appealed to me.”

So she took this passion back to New Orleans with her and focused it into creating her own nail salon that specializes in being a bit different from everything else that currently existed, which ended up being Paint’d.


Providing an Experience, Not Just a Service

Sedky knew that she would have to take a slightly different approach with her business since there was already so much competition. One of the ways that Paint’d does this is by taking the heart of New Orleans and incorporating it into the business model.

As she explains, “We decided to embrace the New Orleans element of loving family and wanting to be with your kids, which is a little unlike New York at times. So we decided to also do some kid’s collections as well so that it really becomes an all-inclusive experience for everybody.”

The staff also makes an effort to connect with you during every step of the process. “We try to, if we're not slammed, take a picture of your nails and post on Instagram,” Sedky says. “We definitely love to do that. You know, have our clients be involved in our social media aspect of it.”

This extra effort and inclusivity have definitely resonated with both New Orleans residents and visitors alike. As Sedky explains, “People consider Paint’d to be their special occasion nail salon. So they come to us more for an occasion, if they have an event, vacation, concert, homecoming, graduation, or something of that nature. Then there is our loyal customer base that just comes to us like clockwork.”

If you are interested in experiencing a luxury nail treatment in New Orleans, then make sure to check out the many great services offered by Paint’d.